Novel and breakthrough technologies for early pest detection

We at Bayer are interested in solutions that detect and identify pests at an early infestation stage above or below ground. Of course, with a high spatial and temporal resolution.

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Conventional monitoring of insects, mites and nematodes is laborious and fraught with efforts and challenges. The accurate identification of these pests is both time- and cost-intensive and requires an expertise which is not always readily available. A good spatial and temporal monitoring is essential for optimal timing and targeted application of measures to control pest pressure.

In this Moonshot challenge, we are looking for novel technologies to detect & identify above and/or below ground pests (incl insect, mites, and nematode) in crops at an early infestation stage. To enable an optimized application of crop protection solutions these technologies should offer a high spatial & temporal resolution.



What we are seeking for


We want to see novel and unique technologies, which have a high potential in detecting pests (insects, mites or nematodes) as early and reliable as possible in the crop (plant or root)


Following criteria will be applied for the selection of the finalists:


Novelty of hardware design, sensing technology

Sensitivity: Spatial and temporal resolution

Scalability: Robustness, affordability, and ease of use

Testability: Testing is possible with a reasonable effort


During the finalist event the selected teams will demonstrate their technology consisting of all necessary hardware and software.



To learn more about the challenge, download the official rules here.



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