Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What's in it for me?
The three best solutions to this Contest (if selected according to the Contest Official Rules) will receive a prize of 40.000€, 20.000€ and 15.000€ respectively.

Fame & fun
The finalist teams will have the chance to present their solution in a finalist event in St. Louis (Missouri), USA in front of a Bayer team.

What is the focus of the Contest / proposed Solution?
The focus of the RootScanner challenge is to collect data on the root mass, root depth, and diameter in the field without disturbing the plants. To be of practical use, the RootScanner solutions need to be accurate and easy to use.

What do I need to submit until May 12th?
In the online submission, please include only non-confidential information about your software, hardware or technology solution, the ease of use, the costs for transportation along with information about yourself/your team. You will also be asked to provide a description of your proposed solution. Please do not submit any proprietary or confidential information or source code.

How will the proposals be evaluated?
All eligible entries will be judged and scored by a review panel chosen by Bayer. The evaluation may include interviews or discussions with entrants or entrant teams. Up to three entries ranked highest by the review panel will be deemed potential finalists and will be invited to attend the finalist event.

What are the selection criteria for the finalists?
Finalists are selected based on specified criteria Also, you and your team should demonstrate that you are able to develop the proposed solution. The more features your solution has, the higher the probability you will make it to the finalist round. There are no restrictions in terms of which platforms or technologies can be used.

What happens to my Intellectual Property?
Participants are responsible for securing their own Intellectual Property, however, Bayer is not responsible for Participants Intellectual Property.

Which technologies need to be applied by my solution?
The type of technology applied is up to you (so long as it does not infringe intellectual property rights).

Finalist Event & Award Ceremony

Can the COVID-19 pandemic impact the competition?
The organizing team is monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic closely. When allowed, all teams will meet in the USA for the finalist event where every team showcases the capabilities of their technology. In case travel restrictions for one of the teams remain in place, the finalist event will be transformed into a virtual event where the solutions are tested by the organizing team.

What will happen at the finalist event?
Over a period of 3 consecutive days, solutions will be tested and evaluated in two different ways: (1) a concept evaluation with focus on ease of use and technical capability; and (2) a field test to evaluate the accuracy and user friendliness.

Will travel costs & accommodation for the event be paid for me and my team?
Yes. Bayer will provide airfare (economy) and hotel for finalists (max. 2 persons).

Who pays for the transportation costs of the solution?
Bayer will pay the shipping costs. The costs for transportation are one criterium to select the finalists.

 Official Rules


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