Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What's in it for me?
Solving this challenge will disruptively impact future operations and robotic applications, and you have the chance to be the protagonist of this change!

  • Prize Money

    The three best solutions will receive an award money of 40.000€, 20.000€ and 15.000€ respectively. A further 10.000 € will be awarded to each three remaining finalists.

  • Fame & Fun

    The six finalist teams will have the chance to present their solution in the finalist competition around the Cube Tech Fair in Berlin. There will be a lot of fun and surprises!

  • Bring it to life!

    As one of the winning teams, you might have the opportunity for further collaboration with Bayer and other partners to actually realize your solution at Bayer’s production facilities.

What is the focus of the challenge / proposed solution?
The focus of the challenge is flexible handling of two different kinds of drums provided by Bayer. Additional pieces of equipment (including bags, cable straps, seals and sampling containers) will consist of one shape and color. The step which involves filling the bottle with the sample is optional to the challenge, however it is important to note that a higher score will be rewarded to those teams that are able to execute the most steps successfully. The ability of the solution to adapt to different drum sizes and inlet positions is an important criteria that will be taken into consideration during all phases of the competition.

What do I need to submit until end of September?
In the online submission, please include only non-confidential information about your software, hardware or technology along with information about yourself/your team. You will also be asked to provide a description of your proposed solution and if you plan to work with a partner. Please do not submit any proprietary or confidential information or source code.

How will the proposals be evaluated?
All eligible proposal entries will be judged and scored by a review panel chosen by Bayer. The review panel will rank submissions based on the maturity and flexibility of the proposed design and the likelihood the design will result in successful performance in the finalist event. The evaluation may include interviews or discussions with certain entrants or entrant teams. The six entries ranked highest by the review panel will be deemed potential finalists and will be invited to attend the finalist event.

What are the selection criteria for the six finalists?
Finalists are selected based on how carefully the project has been thought out. Also, you and your team should be able to develop the proposed solution. Besides covering the mandatory steps (opening the drum and inner bag), the more tasks your solution is able to execute successfully, the higher the probability your team will make it to the finalist round. There are no restrictions in terms of which platforms or technologies can be used.

Will all participants be notified of the decision?
All entrants will be notified of the decision by the review panel after the six finalists have been selected, whether your team has qualified for the next round or not. The notification will be sent by Mid-October.

What happens to my Intellectual Property?
Participants will retain the rights to any IP pertaining to their idea.

How can I get the support of the industry partners listed on this website?
Our industry partners expect you to contact them directly with your ideas. The decision as to whether support is available for your ideas, and to which extent, is made soley by the industry partner. Do not hesitate to contact them directly and convince them with your ideas. The earlier you contact them the more time there is for discussion. Keep in mind that they may need time to make hardware available. Please add any commitment from the sponsors into your proposal to us.

Is it permitted to cut the bag in order to get the sample?

Costs, Materials and Workstation Set-up

Which costs are covered by Bayer?
Bayer will provide your team with materials (drums, closures, etc.) and will cover travel and accommodation costs for your team, including transport to the finalist event in Berlin.
You can find more detailed information in Rules & Prizes

What materials are provided by Bayer?
Drums, seals, clamping rings, filling substance and inner bags will be provided to the 6 selected finalist teams at the beginning of the development phase.
- Drums: For the finalist event, a new set of drums will be provided to each team to ensure fairness across all contestants. Additional markers4 for the drums are subject to discussion.
- Bags: Bags will be provided to each team and are sealed with a standard cable strap (see video). For the finalist event, a new bag will be provided to each team to ensure fairness across all contestants. Additional markers for the bags are subject to discussion.
- Filling: Each bag will be filled with the same white powder substance.
- Sample Container: The sample container and the sampling tool are not provided by Bayer and are left to the choice of your team. The only requirement is to sample a quantity of 20 - 100g.

What are the expected dimensions of the drums?
Type a: diameter approximately 38cm / height approximately 65cm
Type b: diameter approximately 48cm / height approximately 85cm
Material: cardboard drum with metal lid and clamping-ring (as shown in the videos)

What are the set-up requirements for the workstation?
The workstation must include a small table for the samples to be placed on and must not exceed an overall working space of 3,5 x 3,5m. Other than these two requirements, there are no restrictions as to how the workstation should be set up. If additional tables, racks, etc. are needed they must be placed inside the 3,5 x 3,5m space. If needed, the drums can be fixed into place with additional means.

Which technologies need to be applied by my solution?
The type of technology applied is free of choice. The use of vision systems is optional.

Does the sampling need to be performed identically to the way described in the video?
You may propose an alternative way of sampling, keeping in mind that the drums and bags must not be damaged.

Which conditions apply for handling the materials?
The position of the drums and sampling container can be determined by each team. The solution must be able to handle varied bag and seal positions and must be able to access the device used to open the clamping ring at varied positions and angles.
The seal of the inner bag will be always of the same color (red).

Finalist Event & Award Ceremony

When is the finalist event taking place?
The finalist event will take place around the Cube Tech Fair in Berlin, Germany in May 2017. Detailed timing will be published here soon.

What will happen at the finalist event?
The Finalist Event will take place over 2 days and each team will have a dedicated place for the duration of the event.
The first day will be used for setup and testing.
On the second day each team will give a short interactive demonstration of their robot and the approach they took. The teams will not be scored on the presentation; this is for information purposes only. Afterwards each team’s robots will compete in the sample taking task (6 mandatory steps).

What is the Cube Tech Fair?
CUBE is a global innovation ecosystem that connects all the dots in today’s industry: startups, institutions and key industries. To turn innovative business ideas into disruptive technologies, CUBE brings together stakeholders via match making and exclusive global events. Find out more about the event here.

Will travel costs & accommodation for the event be paid for me and my team?
Economy flights, accommodation in a three star hotel for your team (max. 5 persons) and transport of your robot are provided by Bayer.


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