Shape the future of production: Teach cameras to help operators

We at Bayer are fascinated with the rapid advancements in technology.

Six teams joined our Digital4Eyes competition, to solve challenges in image recognition!

Witihn 3 months they will develop innovative solutions to solve today's problems in life science production.


The challenge

Build a mobile and versatile digital prototype that performs a 4-eyes-check which can be used in many different scenarios and be trained by any qualified employee.

A 4-eyes check is the verification of a successful outcome by a second person. In some industries like the pharmaceutical industry these 4-eyes-checks can be required by regulations.





Illustration of a visual check performed by a single person in an industrial context.

Your Digital4Eyes solution should cover two aspects

Capture the situation with a mobile camera, process the image, and perform the actual check. The result of the check either confirms or rejects the finding of the operator. It ends with the documentation of the Ditigal4Eyes check.

Learning makes these solutions versatile. Qualified personnel must be able to train the Digital4Eyes solution on new scenarios without the support of experts.

Participants have to present a prototype consisting of all necessary hardware (see Industry Partnersand software to learn and perform double checks.


Bayer will provide three scenarios to develop, train, and test Digital4Eyes solutions: 
scenario 1

Check the actual status of a setting or machine

Recognize the state of a system and confirm if it is in the desired state or not.

scenario 2

Inspect equipment after cleaning

Recognize if a polished surface is clean. Differentiate shadows or reflections from product residue.

scenario 3

Inspect machines after clearance

Identify blisters, cartons, leaflets or parts of them in a production line to make sure the all these items are cleared during the transition from one package run to the next.


During the final event these scenarios will be used to evaluate the solutions. The flexibility of the solutions will be tested using variations of the three scenarios.

For more information about provided materials and other important questions have a look at our FAQs. To learn more about specific challenge conditions download our factsheet here.



What's in it for you?


Six finalist teams will have the chance to present their solution in the finalist competition. The top three will receive an award of 40.000 €, 20.000 € and 15.000 € respectively.

A further 10.000 € will be awarded to each three remaining finalists.

In case of outstanding innovative solutions or parts of it, the sponsor will acknowledge it with a special award.

Further Collaboration & Implementation of your Solution

In case of a promising and convincing solution, Bayer will aim to implement it in its facilities within a reasonable time. To achieve this target we think that the most effective way is through a partnership among Universities, third party solution providers and Bayer.

Finalist Competition Event & Award Ceremony

Get the opportunity to present your results and capabilities at CUBE Tech Fair, showcase your solution in front of representatives from key industry leaders, startups and institutions.

CUBE is a global innovation ecosystem that connects all the dots in today’s industry.


Deadline January 15, 2018

Please use our online submission form and include title, a detailed description of your proposed solution and a high level plausible project plan. We expect carefully thought through projects rather than ideas. You and your team should be able to develop the proposed solution. There are no restrictions on platforms or technologies. Please do NOT submit any proprietary or confidential information or source code. You can upload a file to the submission to be more explicit. 

Until end of January, 2018 

All submissions will be reviewed by the Bayer Grants4Tech team, and six finalist teams will be selected to take part in the competition and the finalist event. The selection decision is made at the entire discretion of Bayer without any obligation to explain. We will inform all participants of our decision. 

From February – May 2018 

We will be in regular exchange with you to follow your development. During the first weeks of February finalists will be invited (at Sponsor costs see rules and prizes for further details) to a Sponsor Site. There you can gather all necessary information and examples regarding the three scenarios. 

14 - 16 May 2018

All 6 finalists will be invited to present their solution at the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin. Costs for travel, accommodation and transport will be covered by Sponsor.

Meet the Teams


Team Lead: Ricardo Santos


Team Lead: Leo Paillier


Team Lead: Oliver Flasch

Deep Learning Vision Specialists

Team Lead: Jörg Friedrich


Team Lead: Petri Hassinen


Team Lead: Marc Henzler

Industry partners

Partnering with industry technology suppliers in this competition is highly recommended.

To support this we will continue to expand the list of collaborating partners published below. In case you want to partner with them and get their support please contact them directly. Collaborating partners will support selected teams by their own choice.

We are also happy to share our extended network of contacts with you, feel free to contact us depending on your needs.

Meet the Grants4Tech Team

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